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Only Authentics are committed to bringing the biggest stars to sign with us.  Here you will find news on all our upcoming signings.


Steven Woodcock

Steven is best known for his role as Jevon in the hit TV sitcom Only Fools and Horses.  Other television credits include Grange Hill, The Lenny Henry Show, Casualty, London's Burning and Rockliffe's Babies.


Patrick Murray

Best known in his role as Mickey Pearce in hit show Only Fools and Horses.  Patrick has also starred in films such as Quadrophenia, Scum and The Firm.


Mark Wingett

He is best known for his roles as PC/DC Jim Carver in The Bill and EastEnders as Mike Swann, Hollyoaks as Frank Symons and Heartbeat as Terry Molloy.  He also starred in The Who's hit 70's film, Quadrophenia.


Daniel Peacock

Daniel Peacock (born 2 October 1958) is an English actor, director and writer. He has worked with the team of The Comic Strip Presents... and played "Mental Mickey" in Only Fools and Horses.  He's also starred in TV and film such as Dr Who, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and Quadrophenia.


Femi Taylor

Femi Taylor (born April 8, 1961) is a Nigerian-born British dancer and actress best known for portraying Jabba the Hutt's Twi'lek slave dancer Oola in the 1983 motion picture Return of the Jedi

Altman & Daniels.jpg

John Altman

John Clarkson Stewart (born 2 March 1952), known as John Altman, is an English actor and singer, perhaps best known for playing Nick Cotton in the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders.  He's also featured in films such as Quadrophenia and Star Was:Return of the Jedi


S.Wolfenden/Neil Bell

Stuart and Neil both starred in the gritty British thriller film, Dead Mans Shoes.


Antoni Corone

Antoni Corone is an American actor and producer.  He is perhaps best known for playing "Frank Urbano" in the American drama television series Oz, with also being known for playing the role of "Captain Warren" in The Red Road.  He also played the role "Rico" in Only Fools and Horses two part special Miami Twice.

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