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About Us



Dan started this company in September 2020 and has seen the company build momentum and popularity, which now boasts more than 1100 followers on OA's Facebook page.  Starting with a nerve racking first private signing and growing to have a fine portfolio of celebrity clients in far less than a year has seen Dan and his team set up their website and start taking online orders. 


Specialising in British film genre and TV comedy OA have now expanded their horizons to overseas and most importantly, closer to Hollywood!



Customer Service Manager

Emma has been with the company since day one, not only providing support to the sales team but also looking after the rapidly expanding array of customers.  She brings the gentle touch to OA. Where Dan is 100mph, "Which celebrity are we signing with next?!", Emma brings that calm that the rest of the company benefits from. 

Whenever in need of some advice on products and general customer enquiries, Emma is the one to speak to.


Events & Security Advisor

Like Emma, Rick has been with Only Authentics since "Day Dot".

Rick is our go to guy for Events & Security and not only attends OA's signings but provides security teams for our "An Evening with" events and sporting exhibitions.



Sports Events Specialist

New kid on the block Colin has been a loyal friend to OA over this past year and has helped us gain some great sports contacts and signings along the way.

When it comes to sports events and signings, Colin is your man!

Snooker MC himself, Colin has acquired many snooker and darts contacts over the years, along with footballers and more!

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